Fynch-Hatton - the beauty of the African continent, the safari, untouched nature and the yearning for freedom and adventure. That´s the essence of our brand!
However, in addition to high-quality products, Fynch-Hatton also stands for sustainability and social commitment!
As an active "Partner for Africa", we have been helping to support Welthungerhilfe (World Hunger Aid). We are involved in drinking water projects for the benefit of the rural population and take on responsibility for projects that help to preserve Africa in its original state.
This includes a project that is very close to our hearts: Fynch-Hatton stops poaching! It´s a big problem: in southern Africa, three rhinos are shot daily by poachers to sell their horns for a high profit. We want to and will help with this!

This time we need you all. We want with the project "Fynch-Hatton stops poaching!" work together against the devastating effects of poaching rhinos and elephants in Africa. Our animal-wild pop-up surfaces are made of 100% recycled and pollution-free paper. In addition, your local dealer donates 100 EURO to each of the pop-up areas for our project against cruel elephant and rhino poaching. With your added support we can do more to put a stop to poaching.

Help us to help others!

The AGA finances the use of gamekeepers and is committed to the protection of elephants and other endangered wild animals. We also help with the rescue and rearing of orphaned baby elephants. Please support us.

The poaching on rhinos has increased again. Only with your help can we stand up for the protection of rhinos and fight against poaching. Please support the AGA in protecting the endangered pachyderms with a donation!

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